New to Korea

Are you new to South Korea? 

We want to help you settle down in your new neighborhood. Get in touch with us today!

1) Officers & Pastors

  • 10:00am service officers
    ByungKyu Sohn
    Selina Yoon
    Ashley Kong
    Jaden Kim
  • 2:00pm service officers
    Henry Kim
    Su Yoon
    Christy Jung
    Tae Kim
  • Pastors
    Stanley Park
    Eunice Kwon
    Amy Woo
    Johnny Park

 2) Counseling

Our friends Torch Trinity Graduate University offer our members Christian counseling both in Korean and English. Your counselor will gladly accommodate your situation.

3) Volunteer Work

Do you want to get involved in meaningful act of service? We have a number of volunteer opportunities available. Check out the list of our ministries and ongoing missions.

4) Driver’s License Information

5) Banking

Jesus loves you.