Helping the North Korean refugees to transition into the South Korean society.

Hanawon Ministry
Hanawon is a government-run facility designed to help North Korean refugees to transitioning into South Korean society. Due to GEM’s longstanding relationship with Hanawon, we are allowed to enter as English instructors. While our main role is to be teachers, we use the classroom as an environment for relationships to develop naturally.

Hanawon Schedule
*Prayer meeting: 6pm-7pm every fourth Tues on the 7th floor of MD Plaza
*Serve on Tuesdays: 7-8pm, meet at MD Plaza 1st floor at 5:30pm to drive to center – come back around 9:15pm

If you wish to volunteer, sign up using this spreadsheet and letting Pastor Stanely know! Please write down your name and contact information under the dates you wish to volunteer for.

Please contact Pastor Stanley for any inquiries.

Requirements for New Volunteers
*Must be active members of the GEM community for at least 2 months prior to participating
*Must come to the monthly prayer meeting or quarterly training.
*Anyone who is returning to GEM after a long absence should also be an active member at GEM for at least two months and attend the monthly prayer meeting.

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