Cell Groups

At GEM, we have various types of cell groups to meet your spiritual needs;

including groups for singles, professionals, married couples(w/ children, w/o children), men, women, young adults, and empty-nesters. Each group size varies between 5 to 12 individuals or 3 to 6 married couples. We gather to soak in the Word of God and discuss how we can implement the teachings in our daily lives. We pray and care for one another and we will miss you when you are absent.

5 essentials components of a cell group

  • Life change
  • Cultivate relationships
  • Promote participation
  • Provide care
  • Identify future leaders

We understand it can be difficult to take the next step moving from being in the crowd to a smaller more intimate group setting. Once you joined GEM for the first time, we will guide you to the New Comer’s group to start with. Newcomers are recommended to stay in the group for 4 weeks and get to know about GEM. We discuss about sermons and pray for each other throughout the week. Also, we have outings periodically before or after service. It is our hope that newcomers can enjoy genuine and loving fellowship with one another and grow to become fully devoted Christ followers. When you have completed attending the New Comers’ group for a month, you will be allocated to one of our cell groups based on your needs and preferences.

Pastor Amy: amyyoungmi_woo@jiguchon.org 

Jesus loves you.