Tithes and Offerings

Please use online banking for tithes and offerings until our church resumes on-site worship.  

1) Tithes/Thanksgiving: Woori Bank(우리은행) 398-170814-13-001 (enter your membership name & ID. e.g.: Michael KimA)

2) Sunday Offering: Hana Bank (하나은행) 418-910018-05305 (enter your membership name and ID. e.g.: Michael KimA)

3) Seasonal Offering: Woori Bank (우리은행) 1005-202-663007 (enter your membership name and ID, e.g.: Michael KimA)

4) Missions Offering: Kookmin Bank(국민은행) 290-01-0006-325 (enter your membership name and ID, e.g.: Michael KimA)

 – Indonesia Summer Missions 

 – Cambodia Missions Fundraiser (Josh Blanchard)

 – N. Korea (Pastor Bob)

*Please inform P Amy or call 031-710-9395 (Jiguchon finance dept.) and explain which mission/missionary you support after you wire offerings.

*Contact P. Amy or your leader for your church ID.

*Donation/Tax Receipt

1) Church website: You can receive your donation receipt directly from our church website (https://cert.jiguchon.org/)
if you have made offerings under your name and ID in church system. 

2) Admin. office: You can also receive it from church administration office on the first fl. in main building. 

If you have any questions or problems, contact Pastor Amy or call finance office (031-710-9395/9396).  


Jesus loves you.