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I was raised up in Tokyo, I came to Seoul in February 2015. Since then, I have eaten countless number of gimbals & chicken(and I’m loving it!). I am married to a beautiful Korean wife, and I have one daughter whom I have no trouble of putting in my eyes (if she was small enough). I’m serving in R3generation because God has placed in my heart His passion for the young generation of this nation. They are the precious souls that make up the leaders in the next decade. It is also the most vulnerable age, susceptible to many evil influences of the world. I would like to preach the truth of the Gospel to them, so that they can build their house on the rock. Nowadays, my hobby is to go driving to random places, hoping to discover something interesting along the way. If you want to hop on the back seat for an adventure, let me know! (but my car is super old).

Jesus loves you.

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