Cell Groups


About our cell groups

Our cell groups are made of 5-6 couples or eight to twelve individuals who gather to study God’s Word and discuss the issues and challenges of life that we all face. It is also where we pray and care for one another and where you are missed when you are not there. Our cell groups come in all shapes and sizes – married couples, singles, men’s, women’s, children, no children, workplace, young adult or empty nesters.


There are five essentials components you will see in our cell groups:

  • Life change
  • Cultivate relationships
  • Promote participation
  • Provide care
  • Identify future leaders

We know it can be difficult to take the next step from a large group environment like our weekend worship experience to a smaller setting. That’s why we have summarized below the current cell groups that we have in GEM. Once you joined GEM for the first time, you will be guided into the New Comer’s group first, where you will spend three consecutive weeks to get to know about our church and the people. After this, you will be allocated to one of the cell groups based on your needs and life situation.

Cell group coordinator contact:
For 10AM service: Selina Yoon / gemamwelcome@gmail.com
For 2PM service: Nancy Kann / nancy_kann@yahoo.ca

Newly Launched Cell

The Next Generation

About the leader:

Hello! My name is Eunice Kwon. I've been serving Children's Ministry for years and am greatly interested in reaching out children & young people. This year I started MDiv. course at Torch Trinity.

Why I started this group:

I'd love to join a group where I can share my life & vision & interests with fellow brothers and sisters. As my vision & focus are in teaching and outreaching children & young generation, I've looked for a suitable group but couldn't find any. So I'd like to start a new CG with people of similar interests & vision.

Newcomers' Cell

Leader’s Full Name: Nancy Kann, Henry Kim
Type: Mixed Gender / Age – Everyone is welcomed!
The purpose of the New Comer’s Cell is to welcome newcomers get to know our church, our ministries and our people before they join a regular small group. The program is 3 weeks long and during our time together, we discuss about sermons and pray for each other throughout the week. We also have outings periodically before or after service. It is our hope that newcomers can enjoy genuine and loving fellowship with one another and grow to become fully devoted Christ followers.
Day & Time: Sundays 3:45pm
Location: Moonlight Room
Cost: NONE

Megan's Cell

Leader: Megan Cummings
Type: mixed gender, ages 25-35
Main focus:sharing about life and what God is teaching you right now
Day & time: Sundays, after 2pm, occasional social outings
Location: All Nations chapel
Cost: none

Brothers in Christ

Leader: Michael Velthuizen
Type: men only, any age
Main focus:“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17. To keep each other accountable through vulnerability and sharing honestly about our struggles.
Day & time: Sundays after 2 pm service
Location: Starlight room
Cost: none (but occasional outings)

Jina's cell

Leader: Jina Yang
Type: mixed gender
Main focus: to pray for each other and encourage one another to grow together in Christ
Day & time: Sundays, after 2pm worship
Location: All Nations chapel (towards the frontend)
Cost: none (but occasionally outings, twice a year)

Kemi's cell

Leader: Kemi Akindude
Type: mixed gender, mixed ages
Main focus: to share our daily walk with each other, and find support and accountability in building relationships that are founded on and strengthened by Christ.
Day & time: Sundays, after 2pm service!
Location: All Nations chapel
Cost: none

Ana's cell

Leader: Ana Tomas
Type: mixed gender, age 23-35
Main focus: To do life together, share thoughts about the sermon, and share life experiences in a way that honors and glorifies God.
Day & time: Sundays, after 2pm service
Location: All Nations chapel
Cost: none

College Ministry cell

Leader: Savannah Holtcamp
Type: gathering for college students
Main focus: sharing about college & post-college through honesty and fellowship
Day & time: Sundays 4pm
Location: room 701 (MD Plaza)
Cost: none (but occasionally outings)

Natalya's cell

Leader: Natalya Svetlova
Type: mixed gender, age 22-40
Main focus: to share our lives, to encourage in growing closer to God daily, pray for each other and support each other through life struggles
Day & time: Sundays, after 2pm service
Location: All Nations chapel
Cost: none, but occasionally outings or coffee time

Korean couple cell

Leader: Jaden Kim (GEM 10AM)
Type: Korean family aged 40 – 48
Main focus: meeting with korean language and share Quiet Time every day
Day & time: monthly, generally 3rd or 4th Sun, 2PM-5PM
Location: members’ house in turn
Book cost: none
Additional cost: 10,000 per family (for snack and fruit)

Selina's group (tentative name)

Leader: Selina Yoon (GEM 10AM)
Type: mixed gender
Main focus: Bible study, prayer, fellowship
Day & time: [TBC]
Location: [TBC]
Book cost: none
Additional cost: none

Ashley's cell

Leader: Ashley Kong & Jong Yoon (GEM 10AM)
Type: couples
Main focus: our goal is to understand and heal the couples issues by sharing with God’s Words. Finally growing spiritually together as Christians.
Day & time: every 4th Sundays, 3PM
Location: varies from time to time (sometimes we meet at church cafe)
Book cost: none
Additional cost: none

Scott's cell

Leader: Scott Smith
Type: couples, mixed age
Main focus: Lifting each other up; applied sermon application to current life
Day & time: Wednesdays (bi-weekly) @ 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: Jacobsen’s apt (Hyundai Hometown 2 in Dongcheon Dong
Cost: none … FREE babysitting provided

Tracy's cell

Leader: Tracy Sauerwein
Type: women’s group
Main focus: To support one another and grow our faith through Bible study and prayer.
Day & time: every other Thursday at 5:30pm.
Location: apartment in Jeongja
Cost: none